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Join MSU Credit Union to get started on your financial future!


Who can join the MSU Credit Union?

  • Full-time, benefit-eligible employees of Midwestern State University
  • Teaching Assistants (TA’s) of the University, part-time faculty and part-time staff under contract and benefit eligible;
  • ALL the ROTC Cadre and all full-time civil service employees of the ROTC unit at the University;
  • All full-time campus ministers of the recognized Bible chairs and their full-time employees;
  • All Midwestern State University graduates and life-time members of the MSU Alumni Association;
  • All full-time (benefit-eligible) Administration, Faculty, classified and At-will employees of Vernon College (including all branches);
  • Students who are officially accepted and attending Midwestern State University;
  • and members of the family of such persons.


What does it take to join?

  • Two forms of identification (picture). Usually that consists of driver’s license and Mustang ID.
  • Completing a signature card.
  • Purchase at least one share. ($25.00 + a $1.00 non-refundable membership fee)
  • The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Once you join that means you have established a share account or savings account. You may make deposits of any amount at any time.
  • Once a member always a member. If you leave the University for another job or you move to another state – you are encouraged to maintain your account with the Midwestern State University Credit Union


What can I do once I join?

Once you join the MSU Credit Union you have access to many services, such as:

  • Payroll Deduction (for savings and loan payments)
  • Share Drafts or Checking Accounts
  • Debit Cards through our Share Drafts or Checking Accounts
  • Home Banking – Check balances, transfer from shares to shares or shares to loans
  • Many varieties of loans including: Mortgage, Home Improvement, Home Equity, Autos, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, MasterCard, Personal Loans, Paycheck Loans, Share Loans, Share Notes, Try-Me Personal Loans
  • Direct Deposits/ACH transactions – for example your spouse deposits funds through their job (other than Midwestern)
  • Free Notary Service
  • Easy to navigate website – www.mwsucu.com
  • eStatements – monthly