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Cruise into a new auto loan!


A variety of loans are available to members including vehicles, home improvement, home equity, real estate, secured, unsecured and charge accounts.

With pre-approved credit, we can speed you through the application process and offer very competitive rates and favorable terms. Loan policies are set by the member-elected Board of Directors. This assures you that the rates, terms, qualifications and approvals are designed for the welfare of our membership. We use the declining balance method for calculating interest due- this is the most favorable method to the borrower. And there is never a penalty for early pay off.

  • New and Used Auto
  • Personal Loan
  • Co-signer (Personal Loan)
  • Share Secured
  • Secured
  • MasterCard
  • Try-Me (Personal Loan)
  • Paycheck Loan
  • Mortgage
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Equity